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Thread: 25 Post limit removed for new members + New WrordPress forum

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    25 Post limit removed for new members + New WrordPress forum


    Some new members are finding it difficult posting new topics/replies with the current "You need 25 posts/topics to create links" limit in please, the module we purchased to police this is very buggy e.g. members can't post smilies and even code snippets, which is just ridiculous, and clearly this needs to change...

    So we're running a trial where we'll be removing this limit and test if it has any affects on spam here on the forum, I think many members here are vigilant when it comes to reporting spam and letting us know by using the "report post" button on anything dodgey, which we're all thankful for, plus with the addition to 3 new moderators, we're much better equipped at handling any suspicious/spammy content.

    We've also created a new forum here on WDF tailored specifically for WordPress -

    It seems to make sense as we're getting WordPress related posts frequently, but posted all over the forum, so hopefully this should provide a central location to discuss any WordPress related queries people may have.

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    The Wordpress section is good news. As for the post limit, well we'll see.

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    A very good idea for the wordpress forum. I was wondering why people were writing out their links. Now I know

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    Just an idea:
    You could do something like twitter does with links.
    Link spammers would not be interested if they can only add compressed links like the ones generated by
    But via tinyurl anyone could post any links.
    It is possible to automatically replace all post urls with the tinyurl compressed version.
    This will not add any direct link to the referred websites, not from here neither from the url minifier. SEO link spammers will just walk away.

    This seems to be relatively simple to implement since tinyurl has an API.

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    So when saving a post the link should be replaced with the link returned by the above API. If you store the returned tinyurl link, nothing else needs to be changed.
    Result would be the same as I link my page in my signature.

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