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Thread: 300DPI at 25%

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    300DPI at 25%

    This is my first post on here so I apologize if I am asking something that I shouldn't be, however, I need some help with a design piece. Well, actually the help that I need is with getting it in to a form that I can send to the printers. I have done plenty of regular A5/A4/A3 stuff, but this piece is a large teardrop flag that covers an area of 95cm x 200cm. I have created the design in the Publisher to the actual measurements, and printed to PDF at 300dpi(High commercial quality setting), but the printers are kicking it back saying that it needs to be set to 300dpi at 25%. Can anyone advise what this means please and what amendments I make to correct this mistake please?

    The printers are also graphical designers and have already offered to do the work for a fee, so therefore they are not willing to offer much help for me to rectify the problem myself.

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    Your design is 95cm by 200cm

    At 25% it's 23.75 centimeters
    At 25% it's 50 centimeters

    Document size should be

    23.75 x 50 cm

    Your image should be 300 PPI

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    I'd just do that.

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    I have a similar question so I'll just continue this thread: my printer is asking for a 300 dpi PDF but the file I have is apparently not high enough. Not sure how to check it either...? The thing is that its a vector file, just text and vector lines, so shouldn't it be scalable? I don't have the original file, only the PDF so I can't export it again in higher res. Any suggestions? Printer specs here

    Many thanks for help

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