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    3d Gamemaker

    Hey have any of you ever heard of the 3D GameMaker, Dark Basic ? it looks pritty good the features that were listed on its site were amazing and theres also a program called T.Ed thats a landscaping program and it takes around 2 minutes to download and the thing you can do is unbalievable but as i was saying Dark Basic is made to design 3D or 2D games my friends bought it last night and it cost $53 all togeather shipping and everything it came with a free game and a cd with the most popular 3D games on it along with a programming book on how to work Dark Basic.

    I was wondering if any of you have tested this program or heard anything about it, For example how good is it or is it some cheap rip off to make money ?

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    I don't know anything about that program, but Blender, which is a FREE program, has Realtime 3D/game creation.

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    Yeah, it's not a "jump right in, and start using" kind of program.
    It does have a fairly steep learning curve, but there are tons of tutorials on how to use it.

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    Ok thanks and by the way are you any good at blender?

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