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Thread: Why the FCC's Net Neutrality Is Bad

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    Why the FCC's Net Neutrality Is Bad

    I see Net Neutrality as a way to begin regulating a now major avenue of information exchange. The FCC has long regulated the wire and radio communications channels. How I see it, the FCC needs to protect critical communications channels for the public. Communication is any exchange of information. Thus forcing ISPs to be non-discriminatory with their internet packet delivery is giving that protection of communication.
    Imagine being told that you pay for minutes on a phone plan in a month, but if you were to talk about topic A it would cost you more than talking about topic B.

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    The problem with consumers voting with their wallets is that some consumers have a lot more votes than others. So the free market has to be balanced with one-man one-vote democracy.
    I don’t claim to know exactly where that balance should be, but I strongly suspect that the idea that market forces can take care of everything comes more from ideology than pragmatism.

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    That would be called a republic. And I don’t think market forces can take care of everything, but they can do it better than the government. (USPS, Amtrak, debt)

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    Not exactly. It’s based on the idea that people should be free to do as much as they can do without restriction. Human nature lends itself to greed in this situation.

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