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Thread: Soundcloud Royalty Free?

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    Soundcloud Royalty Free?

    Just find an artist on there you like and contact them directly to ask. You’re welcome to give mine a listen, although I doubt any of them are suitable.

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    There are some Soundcloud users that use Creative Commons for their tracks instead (I do, for instance); those you can usually use royalty-free (but the terms may vary person-to-person). Otherwise, contact the users themselves.

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    If you’re looking for royalty-free, you’re better off looking in repositories of Creative Commons works; see for example .
    Now, obviously you should still be careful and read what license they have, as there are many possible variations.

    • Almost certainly they’ll require attribution, so you’ll want to mention that at least in your YouTube video description.
    • Some may not allow derivative works, which in the United States under the wording of the Copyright Act would include using the songs as a soundtrack to a video (you can probably guess the political and industry fighting that resulted in that specific description, hint the music and movie industries haven’t always been the best of friends).
    • Some (many, in fact) are under Share-Alike, which means you can use them freely but your derivative works must be under the same license.

    So I’d recommend searching Jamendo for songs that are Attribution, but not No-Derivs, and it’s up to you whether you want to license your videos under CC-BY-SA or not. Assuming you only want royalty-free music and the only thing you’re willing to do is properly attribute who the artist is, then the following would be a reasonable search: That’s a search for Creative Commons Attribution only .

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    In theory any search results there will be songs that you can use as long as in your video or your video description on YouTube you explicitly state who the artist is and the song of theirs that you’re using. IANAL, however (I Am Not A Lawyer), this is not legal advice, etc etc.

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    Ermm, not sure my link works quite right actually. But you should be able to figure out how to use the site’s search :P

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