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Thread: The Public's Misconceptions About SOPA

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    The Public's Misconceptions About SOPA

    I oppose SOPA as well, but I am also disgusted by the way the SOPA opponents are distorting the facts. They are the angry mob; they’re a herd on a stampede. They’re also buying into everything the anti-SOPA bloggers spit out without question, while refusing to consider any other opinions.
    This is identical to the scare tactics the Tea Party used to fight healthcare reform. They kept shouting, “SOCIALISM,” and, sadly, it worked. The legislation that did pass was watered-down. I do support some kind of anti-piracy legislation, and I hope the angry mob doesn’t win again.

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    I do support some kind of anti-piracy legislation, and I hope the angry mob doesn’t win again.
    What kind of anti-piracy legislation would that be? The whole SOPA debacle has confirmed that the Congress has absolutely no clue what to do, and is listening almost exclusively to Big Content and Big Media when it comes to what actions should be taken.
    Given the ignorance and no equitable solution likely to come from the vested interests, along with their very good annual profits, I don’t see what exactly we’re needing.

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    These types of misconceptions exist with just about everything. But it is amazing that girl thought it would make Facebook and twitter illegal by law. That makes me giggle. But people are stupid. People are still under the impression the current console generation outputs full 1080p. I even read someone thinking Killzone 3 runs at 1080p 60fps in 3D. This type of stuff happens all the time.

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    It’s particularly infuriating because misconceptions by the public about what bad bills actually do give ammunition to the bill authors when they say “these people don’t know what they’re talking about”; it makes them right.

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